Bacon storage-

When you get your sealed pack of bacon it will last for up to 2 weeks in the refrigerator or up to 4 months in the freezer. So, stick it in the freezer once you get home.

If you have leftovers, wrap the slices tightly in plastic and store them in the refrigerator. They can be stored like this for up to a week.

If for any reason the bacon smells strange or has a slimy texture or other odd appearance, please throw it away. When it doubt, throw it out.




如果培根, 聞起來或是看起來怪怪的,就不要吃了. 請將它丟掉.


Bacon Preparation-

Take your sealed bacon out of the freezer, place it on a plate or pan in the sink and run a light stream of water over it until it is soft, that means it’s thawed and ready to fry.

Since we use a “hot smoke” method, all the bacon that we make is brought up to 150 F/ 66 C. At this temperature it is considered to be cooked and safe to eat. But if you fry, bake, or barbecue it you will not only make the product taste better, you can also kill many of the residual bacteria that may or may not be there.


將培根從冰箱冷凍庫拿出來, 連包裝一起直接放在流理台,再以流水(如自來水)解凍。注意切勿將食品直接浸漬水中,以免流失風味及營養價值。  


由於我們使用的是“熱煙”的方法煙燻,所以培根是在150 F /66 C的溫度下烹調.食物在這個溫度下它被認為是煮熟,可以安全食用。但是,如果你炒,烤,或燒烤它,你將不僅使產品的味道更好,也可以殺死可能會或可能不會出現的許多殘留的細菌。

Frying the bacon-

Place the frying pan of your choice on a low fire. Take your bacon out of the package and fry in the pan until the desired texture is reached. Some people like softer bacon, some people like crispy bacon. One tip, watch the fat until it turns a bit translucent, this amount of cooking changes the fat texture from chewy to a more melt-in-your-mouth texture. Cooking your bacon till it’s black will cause the bacon have a less desirable burnt flavor.


先選一個煎鍋.開小火熱鍋,這時從包裝拿出培根, 放到煎鍋裡,煎到你滿意的口感為止。有些人喜歡吃軟的培根,有的人喜歡香脆培根。

小技巧, 以小火方式煎培根.看脂肪的部位,煎到它變成有點半透明的狀態,這樣會讓脂肪部位從有嚼勁到變為更入口即化。

同時,你看到它快變黑色時就要起鍋, 不然將導致培根有一個不太理想的燒焦的味道。

What to do with the drippings?

After your bacon is cooked the way you like it, use chopsticks or tongs to remove it from the pan and place it on paper towels. They absorb some of the excess fat. You will see some bacon drippings in the pan, pour this liquid fat into a small bowl and refrigerate. I usually use this stuff for cooking hash browns or for sautéing mirepoix but if you don’t want to do that, just give it to any aunty over 60 they will be stoked and know exactly how to cook with it.


當你將培根煎到喜歡的口感後,用筷子或夾子將培根取出煎鍋, 盤子上鋪餐巾紙吸油. 鍋子會有多出來的油, 將多的油倒到小碗裡,等降溫後放到冰箱冷藏. 我通常都用這些油煮馬鈴薯煎餅或是sautéing mirepoix , 但如果你不想這樣做,你可以將這個油送給任何一個超過60歲的阿姨,她們會很高興收下而且知道怎麼料理它.