- Maple - $1000 per kg

This is probably the hands down choice for a stand alone, eat alone breakfast bacon and also a STRONG favourite of my Canadian customers. When I text a new customer our product list with our half a dozen varieties and he orders 3kgs of Maple, I know where they are from. So how do I use this bacon variety? I cook it in strips and I eat it for breakfast or brunch. You can try it how you like. This variety is a long time favourite of the chefs and cooks at Wooloomooloo in Taipei. They use it in their sandwiches, frittatas, and pizzas. Maple is also the favourite of the chefs at Alexander Steakhouse in Taipei. 

- Black Pepper - $1000 per kg

This variety has a strong savoury flavour. In addition to the black pepper crust, we cure this bacon with garlic and a wee bit of mustard. That means you could totally get away with frying up two slices to top a decent size sandwich. This is the bacon that the owner of Sprout in TienMu wanted for her sandwiches and the one that is featured in their LGBT (Lettuce, Guacamole, Bacon, Tomato) sandwich. That was one of my contributions to their menu. I got the idea from Lardo in Portland, Oregon who I'm sure got the idea from somebody else.

- Original - $1,000 per kg

Some people want just a straight up bacon bacon. It should be salty because bacon is salty but it shouldn't be so salty that you can't eat it on its own. It should also have a certain amount of herbs and spices that enhance the bacon flavour but these enhancements should not overpower. That's the goal anyway, a neutral bacon ready to eat or to create with. This is my variety of choice for French cuisine or and American regional cuisine. This is the bacon I sent out to my friend Clayton when he had to cook a Beef Bourguignon. Word on the street was his Beef Bourgie is epic.

- Bastardo - $1,250 per kg

I'm not Italian, the pork I use is not Italian, the salt isn't Italian either but I think the juniper berries are. I know that Italians can be sensitive about origins and authenticity of their food products so that is why we proudly call our bastardised version of their classic food, "Bastardo." We follow the classic method for the curing with all the classic ingredients. We also start out with drying process in the traditional way for a week but then I bastard it all up by rolling it and hot smoking it up to 160F shortly after. Most pancetta is not smoked and traditional pancetta is dried and aged for a few weeks or a couple months never being cooked at all. Enjoy our Bastardo without cooking it as part of a meat platter with cheese and pate and all that, or on a sandwich. The salt level is suitable for eating without cooking. Of course you can also use it as pancetta in any Italian dish you might want to make. We make two flavours, original and hot. For the hot we add a crust of ground fennel and ground dried chilies. This is the bacon of choice for Roots Creative in Taipei. They use it on their sword fish belly dish. Sit at the bar and tell  them I sent you.

- Hualien Ham - $1000 per kg

This ham is inspired by the ham I tried at Tails and Trotters in Portland, Oregon. They call it "outside ham." That's the name of the cut, the outside portion of the leg. I tried to call it "outside ham" for a while then "Ichiban ham" just for humour, but people just seemed confused. So I changed the name to Hualien Ham because all premium hams need a cool name for chefs to put on menus and for regular folks to put on instagram and also because our hams come from Hualien. Our salt guy, who is an expert on all things organic, told us about a relatively small operation in Hualien that treats their pigs very well, we cured and smoked some of their hams, and now I don't see myself using any other ham for a long time. At the moment we produce about 24 hams a month.  I recommend not cooking this ham at all. Serve it at room temp with whatever you want to or with nothing at all.



* All variates are hot smoked, to over 160F, over local hardwood. I've tried lychee, longan, guava, wax apple and cherry, and most recently I've been using Acacia, Lychee, and Longan; my Locals Only blend. When I first started smoking meat, I talked to an indigenous lady down Hualien way who smokes fish. I asked her which wood she used and she told me about Acacia. It turns out this is one of the traditional woods used for smoking in Taiwan and because of how fast it grows it used to be one of the main fuel woods on the island. Acacia pretty much grows everywhere and lucky for me it grows all over the mountain where we live. All of the acacia we have now is sourced from the power line guys as they trimmed the trees by the road after the last typhoons.

** For our retail customers we sell our Maple, Black Pepper, and Original bacon in 3.25mm slices in 500 gram packages. Ham and Pancetta are sold in 1.5mm slices in 250 gram packages. If you bug us and are willing to wait we can to custom slicing and packaging.

*** We mail out our products frozen through 7-11 and Family Mart, so the cost will be $160.