如; Wooloomooloo,Sprout,Grace,Gēn,Andrea ,Liquid Bread Company等等。





我接受了專業烹飪和餐飲的培訓。 嚴肅而認真地看待食品安全和衛生習慣。





Back in 2012 during a local ban on imported cured meats, I started making my own bacon. After several process variations and use of different pork breeds and suppliers, we ended up with some great products. Word spread so we moved to a jungle mountain farm and are now on the menus of some of Taiwan's favourite restaurants like; Wooloomooloo, Sprout, Grace, Gēn, Liquid Bread Company and a bunch more. Our pork comes from Nextland in Yunlin, the most modern and transparent pork operation in Taiwan. Seriously, you can see for yourself, they welcome thousands of visitors per week. And because you should know who makes your food,  know that I am a graduate of The Western Culinary Institute / Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Portland, Oregon. Originally I made all of our products with my own two hands but now, with our steady growth I’m getting help from Nextland Taiwan so now there are my hands plus a 2-4 other hands involved.

-jason sedor




  • 西朵斯煙燻火腿-$1000/公斤, $500/500克,$280/250克。

  • 原味煙燻培根-$1000/公斤, $500/500克,$280/250克。

  • 黑胡椒蒜煙燻培根-$1000/公斤, $500/500克,$280/250克。

  • 楓糖煙燻培根-$1000/公斤, $500/500克,$280/250克。

  • 義式煙燻培根-$1250/公斤, $380/300克。



  • 原味煙燻培根-$375/500克

  • 原味煙燻火腿-$375/500克



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order in english - text or whatsapp Jason - 0958787828

original bacon - $1000 per kg **

(our original bacon is now cure and smoked in yunlin)

sedor's ham - $1000 per kg **

(yes, that's a name change, our ham is now sourced from and made in yunlin)

black pepper garlic bacon - $1000 per kg **

maple syrup cured bacon - $1000 per kg **

pancetta bastardo - $1,250 per kg

Today’s Special

Smoked Ham Ends (flavorful pieces from the edges of the ham) $375 for 500g

Smoked Bacon Ends (flavorful smaller slices from the edges of the belly) $375 for 500g

Limited Quantities No Other Discounts Apply

* WHOLESALE CUSTOMERS (restaurants, stores, distributers) CALL FOR PRICES.*

** RETAIL CUSTOMERS- 250g packs cost $280 due to time and materials **

Bacons are sold in sliced not so thick, not so thin, standard you might say in 250 and 500 gram packages.

Ham and Bastardo are sliced thin. Ham in 250g. Bastardo in 300g.

C.O.D. delivery through Black Cat costs $190 for MOST orders